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There are a number of people currently working with/at Basket Articles here are some droplets of the rain:

Anthony Gill

Anthony Gill is the Chief Editor and the founder of Basket Articles. He loves to provide our readers with the latest news from around the world.

Email: Anthony@basketarticles.info
Contact: (+1) 661-835-8514


Elizabeth Pynn Writer

Elizabeth or Beth as she likes to be called is the Writer for Basket Articles. She is an hardworking writer always ready to write about the new things.

Email: Elizabeth@basketarticles.info
Contact: (+1) 661-837-1932


Miguel Nunes Reporter

Miguel is the Reporter at Basket Articles. He is a lovely person and loves to provide our readers the latest news before anyone else.

Email: Miguel@basketarticles.info
Contact: (+1) 661-835-9127


Umberto Najar Lead Author

Umberto is the Lead Writer for Basket Articles. He had a love for writing since he was a kid. He had been working as a free lancer before joining  Basket Articles.

Email: Umberto@basketarticles.info
Contact: (+1) 661-834-7891



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