Vaping Could Lead To An Addiction Among Young People

A new Advertising campaign, part of the FDA’s anti-tobacco initiative, warns that teenagers who vape Are more likely to start smoking cigarettes. Originally introduced as an alternate to cigarettes that could help smokers wean themselves off tobacco pens have been associated with an uptake in young people’s smoking smoking, the FDA has found.

The advertisement campaign comprises a series of videos where street Members of the public wow by appearing to change their pens that are vape into cigarettes, helping hammer the message home.

Teens that vape are more likely to begin smoking cigarettes.

It is not magic, it is data the ads will air in time slots and on channels where they are likely to reach a teenage audience.

FDA research indicates that at 20 percent of high school students have used a vape pencil, and And that amount could soon be on the increase: agents of e-cigarette maker Juul have only been shown in a Congressional hearing to have told a group of ninth grade students that vaping is completely safe.

The CDC has previously criticized the business by selling Juul pods in candy flavours with brightly colored packaging for attractive to consumers.

They’re probably not as bad as traditional cigarettes, But they are still pretty awful,” says Stanton Glantz, Ph.D.. , including that ingesting vaporized Particles can cause inflammation in the heart and lungs Cigarettes, which some Juul pods include nicotine compared to a regular Pack of cigarettes.

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