Spoonful Of Sugar In Your Tea Is Completely Unnecessary – Even For Sugar Lovers

While some federal stereotypes are somewhat tired, the”Brits love tea” one is fairly spot on.

In 2017, a tea color chart requesting people for the perfect shade caused widespread controversy online. That’s how much we are meant to by tea.

So It’s with some trepidation that we tell tea drinkers who take sugar in their cuppa that sugar is a completely unnecessary addition to their drink.

But before you spit your tea out in outrage, we should Point out that this was according to a study using men who have always had sugar in their tea.

Investigators tracked 64 sugar-loving blokes University of Leeds and University College London within the course of a month.

1 group went entirely’cold turkey’ Group steadily reduced the amount they had in their tea until they’d given it up entirely.

There was also a control group who continued to drink sugar in their tea as ordinary.

Of the group who reduced their intake gradually, 46 per cent managed to keep off sugar.

The cold turkey collection weren’t quite as successful, with just over a third of those managing to stop sugar permanently.

Interestingly, Half of those from the control group gave up sugar following the experiment though they didn’t have to go without it.

Excessive sugar intake is a public health problem and sugar in Beverages contributes substantially to total intake,the researchers said.

Reducing sugar intake from beverages can therefore help to reduce overall consumption.

Researchers did include that a research on a larger scale would need to be ran to cement findings.

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