Is It Good Or Bad To Delay The Menopause

From hot flashes to mood swings, the menopause is something which most women dread.

So, Every time a revolutionary new procedure claiming to postpone up it to 20 years has been announced, females throughout the country surely no-paused for thought.

So Much, nine girls aged 22 to 36 have had the 30-minute procedure at the Protecting Fertility and maternity (ProFaM) clinic, in Birmingham.

And it claims to relieve symptoms of the menopause and permit women to remain fertile into their early 50s.

The Therapy works by giving patients an operation to remove a small part of the ovary, before it’s cut into slivers and kept in -150C. It can then be reinserted back into the woman’s body when she wants to postpone the uterus, to kick-start her natural hormones.

However, while it May seem like the perfect solution, there have been concerns over how successful it is and whether it really is the best solution for everyone.

We spoke to two experts about if ovarian grafting is truly the wonder the menopause has been waiting for…

This is the age when most people Are Attempting to get pregnant Naturally — so it could be risky to pick the procedure at precisely the exact same time as doing so. It’s also costly and requires an operation.

When You are 35, there’s no way which you’re able to be aware of what your menopause will be like. Girls could ask their mum’s to obtain an idea, but every woman differs, so by getting the process, you may end up doing something which you didn’t have to perform.

And even though it actually did Postpone the melancholy for 20 decades then we need to inquire whether we’d really want to go through the menopause when we’re in our 60s and 70s, when our bodies can not cope with it and if we had been younger.

The menopause is not all bad. Personally, most women I know in their 40s and 50s are in the end of their tethers with having a menstrual cycle anyway – they just want it to stop.

And there are now very Good ways for women to maintain the menopause under control with their lifestyle. If they’ve really severe symptoms then they can also select HRT — that is regarded as relatively secure now.

So, I actually can not see why women would want to go through ovarian grafting.

We Need a great deal of discussion about whether that’s what girls need to do — since when I have done talks and asked people how they feel about it, nobody has ever appeared keen.

Ovarian tissue freezing has formerly Been utilized for women going through cancer therapy and ProFaM have attempted to look at a different angle for the way that it can be utilized. The technique can certainly delay the menopause, but I am just not certain if girls would like it to.

This therapy Could provide hope for women who could lose Their ovary function at a young age — during early menopause or cancer treatment.

“This means that girls have the Chance to Possess their ovarian tissue re-implanted at an early date and carry on with no menopause for protracted fertility — meaning they can have children for more. But this isn’t an advantage for every single woman especially if they don’t desire children.

If your ovary fails then You’ll have a challenging time through the menopause, therefore delaying could look like a good option but it won’t stop it occurring altogether.

It is an exciting remedy for a small group of women. But it is possibly fanciful to expect it to benefit everybody.

Lots of problems that women have with the menopause could be dealt with By getting advice from a GP and, if needed, women can take HRT.

However, among the concerns is that women don’t wish to take HRT because they think it is too dangerous.

Nevertheless, We need to bear in mind that ovarian tissue freezing requires two operations and while it’s relatively secure, like all operations, it does come with some risk.

However, this is an intriguing development For the people who need it most. We simply can not get too enthusiastic and Believe it can help everybody.

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