How To Supercharge Your Immune System To Help Beat Obesity And Skin Problems

Probiotics are Stated to help Everything from depression and obesity to skin problems.

Experts say feeding our gut specific Food or nutritional supplements can supercharge our immune system and ward off disease.

So chew this on to give your time — And whole body — a cure.

What Are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and Yeast which are good for your gut.

Your body is full of germs, both Bad and good, and probiotic foods are said to maintain a happy balance of both.

Gut bacteria contains ten trillion Microorganisms that digest food, command the immune system, create vitamins and defend you from illness.

Researchers Are Only discovering how Important your gut is.

Conditions said to be eased by Probiotics comprise IBS, skin ailments and digestive problems.

But specialists are looking towards Everything from the frequent cold to cancer.
Why we need it

When babies are born they pick up good bacteria in the birth canal.

Studies indicate children delivered by caesarean have lower immune Systems because of lower levels of the bacteria.

Healthy gastrointestinal tract filters out all sorts of nasties.

But today’s hectic lifestyles interrupt that balance, with diet, anxiety and Antibiotic use to blame.
Under the microscope

A group at King’s College London identified a bacterial family common in Individuals who can keep a good weight.

When transferred to mice, the microbes seemed to avoid obesity.

Researchers found that a poor bacteria balance in the guts was linked to hardening arteries.

Probiotics are also thought to assist bone development, preventing osteoporosis.

And research demonstrated improvements in digestive problems, IBS and psoriasis .

Scientists also have connected the gut flora into our mental wellbeing. Transplanting gut bacteria from anxious rats to calm rodents left them fraught.

A new study has revealed a type of gut bacteria improves our capability to Reduce stress.

Research by Tubingen University in Germany showed that it triggered parts of the Brains linked to emotion, learning and memory.

Lead Professor Paul Enck said:There is a nervous system from the gut and it Communicates directly with the brain.

This is where 90 per cent of your body’s acidity, the happy chemical, is made. Anything that occurs on your gut has a direct effect on your mind.

Research is still going on to the connection between a healthy intestine and fighting cancer.

There is no evidence that live germs in probiotic continues being overhauled Through our acidic stomach to reach the gut.

The European Food Standards Agency has forced many to alter labelling until They can back up their claims.

There are some supplements that have worked well in trials. Zenflore was Successful in study on anxiety.

Bimuno was created by experts and is supposed to assist IBS.

IBS product Alflorex Includes a strain of bacteria shown to decrease symptoms In trials. And it is claimed liquid Symprove survives the journey to the gut.

What to eat

Diarrhoea in children: Yogurt with active or live cultures.

IBS: Yogurt, sauerkraut, tempeh, made of fermented soya beans.

Bone health: Live or busy yogurt, fermented milk beverage kefir, cottage cheese.

Digestive problems: Kefir, sauerkraut.

Skin conditions: Fermented tea kombucha, yogurt, sauerkraut.

Heart health: Sauerkraut, tempeh, fermented cheeses such as gouda and mozzarella.

Brain boost: Sauerkraut.

Immune system: Sauerkraut.

Diabetes: Tempeh, pickles.

Menopause: Tempeh, for hot flushes and mood swings.

Anxiety and reduced disposition: Yogurt.

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